My history;
My Name is Olivier D. Mootoosamy, I am a Graphic Designer & Photographer. I have been working in the field for more than 10 years now and I have learnt;
–  Client Oriented
– effective to communicate with clients and other members of the design team to ensure they are on track with deadlines and other goals.
– Creativity
– Deadlines oriented and quick responder.
– an ear to all criticism with an open mind and is willing to change designs based on the needs or wants of a client or opinions of members of the design team.
– understand how strategy plays a part in marketing and advertising, and is able to develop strategic ideas and work within the scope of a client’s strategic plan to execute top notch designs.
– Teamwork and Teambuilder
– Technology oriented trying to learn continuously new software to help in developpment.
During my formation, I worked in the DTP field doing mainly french market magazines for  Evolution Prepress company. This was my first touch in the designs fields. I was obliged to move due to my studies to a different field company to work as a Stock Management Officer where I got contact with clients. During 4 yrs, I work on my skill of Designer for companies like Compagnie Mauricienne de International Mauritius Directory, Fortaweld Ltd, Bosch, etc doing advertising for directories, newspaper, website, banner print-outs and also for exhibitions.I left in mid 2011, to work as a  Professional Coacher due to my certifications as an Adobe Certified Expert. I train some people to finally quit for Photography in the same year.
I enter Modero ltd, as an Editor and after 3 yrs, I was upgrade as a Team leader and Production Manager. I deal with
more than 15 clients in France, for the editing images for their Ecommerce website or for banners. Below is the list of my clients;logocompanies
My Passion & My Devotion
I started Photography in 2011 with a Nikon D60 when working with clients for creating personal and creative designs. I slowly started to take birthdays and also engagements. Then in 2012, my first wedding wholly cover. My aim when working with clients is mainly to provide the best of what they paid also making each and every moment a captured one.
Since 2014, I offered more services like Card designs, Pre-wedding shoot and Photo-shooting for couple or fashionista.
Finally I could say that I am touching more and more my dreams and goal when working with couples or people. Each clients is a beautiful history with whom I shared a lot of joyful  moments. With confidence, reliability, partnership, counceling and experience I could say that Photography and Designs are my world and I will be very please to share it with you.
TOP 10 REASONS to choose OlivierM Photography:

1. Always more
2. Unlimited time for the day
3. Recognise and supported by clients
4. Flexibility and transparency. We can tailor make packages to suit your style and budget
5. We meet at the venue beforehand which makes us fully prepared for the day with no surprises.
6. Quality and Passion proof in work
7. Assistance with designing your photo book
8. Extensive editing ie black & white, collages and photo enhancements
9. Great value add on’s to our packages
10. Unbeatable value for money